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What is my initial investment?
You can launch your Pink Papaya business for as little as $99. Our Try It Kit for $99 has everything you need to launch your business. If you are ready to build your business, our Go For It Kit for $199 is perfect. Click Here for more details.

Are there samples I can order?
We have several options for samples. We have pre-filled ¼ oz samples in our top-selling fragrances. Additionally, one of our most popular options is “empty” jars available in both 1/4 oz. and 1/8 oz. size. You can then choose to fill them with the products of your choice.

How do I book my first Pink Papaya party?
It’s easy. Introduce your new business to your friends and family via a launch party. Many new Consultants prefer to have their launch party in their own home, casually sharing the products and serving simple appetizers and refreshments. During your launch party is the perfect time for you to offer your guests the opportunity to pamper their friends and family and earn FREE and ½ price products by hosting their own Pink Papaya party.

How do I get paid?
You'll receive your commission one of two ways - immediately from cash or check payments made directly to you from your party guests/customers or in a commission payment from Pink Papaya - direct deposit or mailed check. Commissions are disbursed twice a month.

Will I have support?
YES! At Pink Papaya we have a very supportive community of Leaders, Consultants and Home Office staff. Your sponsor is ready and willing to help you launch your business and keep it growing. If you have general questions you want to ask, our wonderful community of Consultants are members of a Facebook page ready to help! The page is active, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Additionally, our Home Office staff is only a phone call or email away!

Do I have a quota? Do I have monthly minimums to remain an active Consultant?
We do not have any monthly minimums or quotas. We do ask that if you’re unable to do $600 in retail within a one year period that you pay a $60 renewal fee to remain active.

Can I expect to receive any training or marketing support?
Yes! We and your sponsor will provide the training, tools and support that you need to run a thriving business. You will have one-on-one coaching from your Sponsor. The Home Office provides weekly training calls and 24x7 online tools you can access anytime! Our annual National Conference provides everyone with powerful business training from savvy experts and also a chance to network and experience the newest collection of products.

Do I have to build a team?
No. You can take your Pink Papaya career as far as you want - the business is flexible. If you want to grow beyond personal sales, you can recruit people onto your team, coach them and earn up to 6% on their sales.

If I want to build a team, where do I find them?
The best prospective team members are your Hostesses and Customers who have shown an interest in the brand and have seen the success you have achieved!

What does it mean to be a Pink Papaya Consultant?
It means that you represent our line of spa products and sell by having parties, one-on-one demos and taking online (catalog/individual) party orders. You take control and decide when and where to sell and how much time you want to invest in the business. This lets you create a business that best suits your lifestyle.

Can I be successful with Pink Papaya?
Those who are successful with Pink Papaya have a true passion for what they do. If you love the products and want to help others take a moment to relax, recharge and renew, then this could be the perfect business for you! Anyone can sell products that they are passionate about. There are no special skills required - it’s as simple as having a girl’s night out with a great group of people and getting paid to do it.

How many hours do I need to work?
You are your own boss and that means you decide how much or little you want to spend on your business, based on your availability and desired income. You can make Pink Papaya your second job and choose to work 5-10 hours a week or go all in making it your full-time income. You get to choose!

How much can I earn?
You decide! Match your efforts to your desired results. Consultants earn 35% commissions on retail sales. We offer a vision bonus of 2% and 4% when you reach certain sales levels, making it possible to make a total of 39% on personal retail sales. If you choose to build a team, you can earn up to 6% on your team’s sales. This opportunity and business model can provide you with the “income” you desire.

Everything! Our People, Products, Philanthropy and Promise

Our People
Proud member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA)
We have a dynamic and strong team of Leaders and Consultants with no saturation in the market.
We receive accolades every week praising our Home Office Support Team.

Our Products
We source USA ingredients and manufacture 98% of our products in the USA.
We offer 100% natural head-to-toe and botanically based solutions.
We are a proud member of the Natural Products Association.
We are constantly on the cutting-edge of the balance between science and nature resulting in solutions that work.
We create products that provide a spa experience in the privacy of your own home.

Our Philanthropy
We love to give back in the communities where we are strong and to organizations that our Consultants are compassionate about. A one-for-one giving program...you buy a Pinktini – we give a Pinktini. We provide many opportunities for our Leaders and Consultants to give back.

Our Promise
To empower your entrepreneurial spirit
To discourage inventory loading leading to debt
To respect your financial goals -- whether you want to pay for your daughters’ dance lessons or save money for college...you choose and we will support you.

Are Pink Papaya products made in the U.S.?
YES. We proudly manufacture our products in the U.S. Our products are individually formulated and tested and then hand-crafted in the U.S. with rigorous quality standards. We source over 98% of our spa tools and ingredients from the U.S. However our Himalayan Sea Salts come from a fair trade village in the Himalayan Mountains and our Ayate Cloth comes from a fair trade village in Mexico. Additionally, your friends' and family’s purchases at your party is the ultimate way for them to shop locally and support independent business owners!

What is the price range of Pink Papaya products?
Our luxurious spa and beauty products are priced so everyone can shop within their budget. Over 50% of our items are under $20!

How often do you offer new products?
All the time! We unveil a new “Get The Look” Color Collection four times a year – Fall, Holiday, Spring and Summer. We unveil a new fragrance in the Spring, Summer and Fall and a Holiday Collection with yummy holiday fragrances and gift collections.

What should I expect at my Pink Papaya Party?
We engage... No ‘talking at’! In the party plan industry, the word ‘party’ has come to mean guests sit in their seats, get talked at and buy products the consultant is selling. Not at Pink Papaya! We are a show, not tell kind of company! Each guest will have the opportunity to try products, even try new colors or scents --- because it’s no pressure, just fun. Together we create a fun memorable experience so you and your friends will have a great time! A Pink Papaya party typically last about 2 hours and we welcome drop-ins. If your friends are busy, they can swing by and have fun for as long as they can stay.

Is my apartment too small?
NO. Pink Papaya Parties can be held in studio apartments! If you have a kitchen counter top and a small table, you have all the space you need. For example, a “Get Lippy” party doesn’t require much space. As your guests arrive they will be treated to a hand spa at the kitchen counter and then guests can gather around and try on the latest lip colors. It's fun and takes up very little space!

Can a friend co-host a Pink Papaya Party with me?
YES! Co-hosting is a great way to throw a Pink Papaya party. You and your friend can share the rewards!

Will my friends and I get to see all the Pink Papaya products at my party?
Together with your Pink Papaya Consultant you will decide on a theme and a pampering (what we call a spa moment). Your Pink Papaya Consultant will ensure your Guests have a variety of products to try based on the pampering and theme. If your Guests are interested in other pamperings your Pink Papaya Consultant will work with them to design a party with them in mind. Also, if you attend their future party you will have a $15 shopping credit!

When will guests receive their orders?
Our party orders usually ship out the very next day your Independent Consultant sumbits the order with the home office. After the party order is submitted to the home office, it will usually arrives within 7-10 business days or less.

How far in advance should I plan my host’s Pink Papaya Party?
That depends on your Host. Pink Papaya Consultants have had successful parties that are planned within three days. However typically it is best to plan your Host’s party two weeks to one month in advance.

How many guests should I suggest my Host invite?
Our Pink Papaya Consultants love Pink Papaya parties both big and small! Some of our Consultants will conduct Simplicity Pamperings for just one to two people, sometime a mother and daughter or a couple of friend. Most often Pink Papaya Consultants prefer a party that has about 8-10. With that in mind, it is best to suggest that your Host invite 20 to 30 guests. Many people’s schedules are very busy resulting in outside orders verses Party attendees.

What should I do about the invitations?
We recommend that you ask your Host to allow you to use online Hostess Portal as you will easily be able to keep track of the RSVPs. Then it is up to you if you or your Host would like to mail personalized paper invitations. Many of our Pink Papaya Consultants prefer to mail the invitation to ensure delivery. It’s always best to suggest that your Host calls her Guests several days before the party!

What should I suggest my Host serve?
We suggest you tell your Host to keep it light, offering finger foods and simple beverages. Some of our Hosts like to feature a fun “PINK” drink. Don’t squash her creativity, as this is her party, just remind your Host that it is okay to keep it simple as guests will be circulating, product sampling and having fun sharing. You can also suggest a themed party, such as "cupcakes and cocktails", "coffee and chocolate", "break up with your makeup" or "fiesta fun". Our family of Pink Papaya Consultants can share their favorite themed parties.