It all starts with a Pink Papaya Consultant!

Our online inquiry form will quickly help you connect with the closest Leader. Our Leader or one of her Consultants will be happy to work with you to create a pampering party your friends and family will love.

Is there a cost to hosting a Pink Papaya party?

No and better yet, you earn FREE products! Our Consultants will come to your home at no charge and pamper you and your friends. You provide the refreshments and simple appetizers. When the party is over it’s your turn to shop for FREE. Host rewards are based upon party sales. Hostess Rewards

What is the optimal amount of Pink Papaya party guests?

The optimal number of party guests is up to you, our Consultants have successfully pampered five guests and as many as 15. We suggest that you invite 20 and target ten attending. Your Consultant will help guide you to the correct number.

How far in advance should I plan a Pink Papaya party?

That is entirely up to you, most plan a party 15-30 days in advance. When you are inviting friends and family most know their schedule two to three week in advance. Your Consultant will help you pick that perfect date.

How is the invitation process handled?

Your Consultant will work closely with you regarding every detail of your party. We recommend that you personally invite your guests and discuss other invitation options your Consultant offers.

What is recommended in regards to refreshments and food?

We suggest you keep it light, offering finger foods and simple beverages. Some of our hosts like to feature a fun “PINK” drink. Just keep it simple as guests will be circulating, product sampling and having fun sharing. If you are interested in a themed party your Consultant will discuss options she offers, such as “cupcakes and cocktails”, “coffee and chocolate”, “break up with your makeup” or “fiesta fun”.

Do I have to have my party in my home?

No, You can choose to have your party in a variety of venues. We have hosts that use club houses, parks, Consultant’s homes, Starbucks, local wine bar, coffee break area at work and other spaces. Your Consultant can discuss available options in your area.

Can I host a party with a friend?

Yes. It is a great way to have fun together and share the food and refreshment responsibility. Before the party, you and your friend will want to discuss with your Consultant how you will share the hostess rewards.

What will take place at my Pink Papaya party?

You and your friends will enjoy being pampered and sampling Pink Papaya products the minute they walk in the door. Most parties last for about two hours. Your friends will sample products including makeup and share their favorite items before purchasing.

Is my Consultant required to do a long Pink Papaya presentation?

A presentation is not required as we are confident that our products speak for themselves. We feel that trying different products, having friends share what they like with each other and just having fun is a better way to experience Pink Papaya. Just think of a beauty counter being set up in your home for your friends and family. To ensure the most pampering and sampling, your Consultant will have a desired flow to the party which she can share with you.

Will there be games at my Pink Papaya party?

That is entirely up to you. You and your Consultant will decide together what is appropriate for your friends and family.

What form of payment is acceptable?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express). Your Consultant may or may not choose to accept cash or personal checks.

Will my guests feel pressured?

At Pink Papaya we pride ourselves in not being pushy. Our team of Pink Papaya Consultants want to have as much fun as your guests and high-pressure sales is not fun!

What is the time-frame that my guests will receive their orders?

Your products will be shipped out and on the hostesses’ door-step within approximately seven business days of order being submitted to the home office. We do offer guest an opportunity to have products shipped directly to their home for an additional fee.

What if a few of my guests can not attend but they still want to order?

It can be challenging to find a date that works for everyone’s schedule. If a friend can’t make it, they are able to shop online on your Consultant’s website or place an order directly with you before your party. We encourage you to invite those friends to host their own party so that they can still receive some well-deserved pampering. You will want to over invite to ensure a fun and lively party. Statistics show that at least 1/3 of invited guests are usually unable to attend your Pink Papaya Party.