Our Story

Our Story

Pink Papaya FOUNDERS, sisters Susan Huneke and Karen Woller, dreamed as children of starting a business together. Although they had early success at their backyard haunted house and stuffed animal creations, their dream remained dormant during the years where they were raising their collective six children. Time passed, but the passion to start a business together still burned inside them. In 2006, Susan and Karen came together to make a reality of their vision by creating a company whose tagline has been its cornerstone from the start: Inner Balance ~ Outer Beauty. Pink Papaya was born right here in the USA! Their vision of a company that offers today's modern woman an "ahh" experience, both through premier botanical products, and by offering a career alternative, where women can design the career of their dreams, has been blossoming ever since they launched Pink Papaya.

Karen and Susan founded Pink Papaya on 4 Basic Principles:

  • UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY:┬áPremier, quality, botanical products that are made right here in the USA.
  • INNER BALANCE ~ OUTER BEAUTY:┬áProviding a much needed "ahh moment" for women on a daily basis.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE THAT CREATES A STRONG PERSONAL ECONOMY: Providing a company culture that allows today's modern woman to ignite her entrepreneurial spirit, and create a strong economy for herself and her community.
  • ALWAYS GIVE BACK: Strong commitment to philanthropies in local communities where we have a strong presence, as well as our three spotlighted organizations that we have remained committed to from the start.

Today, the original vision and these founding principles has led to an amazing community of Leaders and Consultants that we like to call the Pink Papaya Family. We often times hear from our Pink Papaya Family about their strong sense of belonging, and how grateful they are to be able to learn entrepreneurial skills and use their talents, as well as to give back to their own local communities through Pink Papaya's numerous philanthropic programs. We couldn't be prouder of the spirit of our original Pink Papaya Family, and we are ready to welcome you as well, whether as a Customer, a Host, or one of our treasured Consultants! Welcome Home to Pink Papaya!

Welcome Home to Pink Papaya